Today’s topic is What is an empowered woman?

What is it to be an empowered woman? Empowered leadership and empowered femininity, what is that really and what does that mean, for each individual person?

This idea of being empowered is something that’s talked about a lot. Let’s have a deeper conversation about it.

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Patty Alfonso is The Orgasmic Body Whisperer. 

A Master Facilitator, Renowned Coach and Bestselling Author. Patty is a sought-after motivational speaker, writer and teacher across the globe. Patty has spoken in front of royalty, government officials, thought leaders and influencers around the world.

The Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ and Orgasmic Body Love Experience™ methods are a cutting-edge approach that transforms the lives of her clients, helping them move beyond pain and limitation by accessing the amazing power of the body to heal itself.  

She is the author of the #1 International Best-Selling books: Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness.  Patty hosts the weekly TV show Orgasmic Living where she helps listeners to unlock the innate wisdom stored in their bodies as well as to embrace living orgasmically.

Born in Puerto Rico, Patty currently resides in Los Angeles, and is a global traveler and facilitator, enjoys horseback riding, and creating her business with ease, joy and glory! For more information visit: http://www.PattyAlfonso.Sexy