About Katherine McIntosh Katherine McIntosh is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author, International Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Dancer, Laugher, Mountain Biker, Skier, Hot Yoga Junkie, Adventure Seeker, Mom, Sunshine Hunter, World Traveler, and Born Rebel.

Join Katherine for a Special Episode with a friend and collegue, Patty Alfonso.

Patty is a sought-after motivational speaker, writer and teacher across the globe who has notably changed the lives of thousands.  Patty has spoken in front of royalty, government officials, thought leaders and influencers around the world.

Her Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ method is a cutting-edge approach that transforms the lives of attendees, helping them move beyond pain and limitation by accessing the amazing power of the body to heal itself.  The process helps people discover how to improve the mind and body, dramatically enhancing their physical being, business careers, emotional intimacy, and their relationship with self and others.

Join tow people who are on a mission to inspire people to GET EMBODIED and HAVE MORE FUN!

Life’s too short, so you might as well get in your body and truly see what it’s capable of.

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All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory What Else is Possible?

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