Today’s episode and topic is all about being a rebel.

When your true rebel, you’re undefinable. You’re always changing. You’re not necessarily up against everyone or everything. You’re always shimmering with a unique difference that you just can’t help. You’re born that way and it’s what makes the world greater. So often, we diminish ourselves when we expose that difference that we are and the difference is just a natural rebellion.

Rebels so often go into the shadow side or the dark side or the wrongness as if being a rebel is a problem. On the other side of that use that rebellion not to fight against but to fight for, fight for a difference that nobody else can see in the world.

How rare it is for adults to have that creative edge of curiosity, a willingness to jump recourse in a nanosecond. If you’re willing to change in a nanosecond for something greater than yourself, you’re probably living rebel. Turn it up! 

Join me and special guest Desiree DuMonde

Desiree DuMonde is an opera singer, vocal instructor, artist, writer and Certified Facilitator, and Right Voice for You® CF, it is my supreme pleasure to be a part of the “Revealing of the TRUTH of YOU” and the expression of the voice of you to extend into the world.

Whether you desire classes, private sessions, body work, vocal strengthening or gentle magic touch – contact Desiree and find a personalized approach to unlocking whatever keeps you from being you – both in person and online.

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About Katherine McIntosh

Katherine McIntosh is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author, International Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Dancer, Laugher, Mountain Biker, Down Hill Skier, Hot Yoga Junkie, Adventure Seeker, Mom, Sunshine Hunter, World Traveler, and Born Rebel.

Founder and CEO of The No Judgment Diet, Katherine hopes someday we can live in a world where nobody judges their body.

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