Rachael is empowering women all over the world to step into themselves, step into their bodies, step into who they are. 

Here’s Rachael’s experience of how you get yourself into the most resourceful state. If you are in a resourceful state, you can deal with whatever life throws at you. When you find that healthy moment, how that expands in somebody’s nervous system and how it translates into their life.

Change can happen in really soft and subtle ways, and be extremely profound. The gentleness of touch can create some of the biggest changes for you. 

It’s the subtle whispers that make and allow for the most profound transformation.


Rachael Talbot

Chiropractor in Cheshire, UK. Online coach and bodyworker with both individuals and groups. Group work online is offered as BodyMind Awakening, which is a version of Donny Epsteins 12 Stages of Healing. Rachael teaches the full series twice a year and does regular smaller workshops for either beginning or deepening your journey. 

UnMasking the Feminine is for women, a journey back to self and how to express your authentic nature. Includes her podcast and monthly workshops. 

For more information on Rachael Talbot visit her website here: www.rachaeltalbot.com