Today we’re going to be talking about dreams. 

There’s something really interesting that happens in a group setting when we start talking about inviting people to begin to dream. To dream about their ideal body, to dream about their ideal relationship situation, to dream about their business and what they’d like to have as their life and living. Many times people come up with all these reasons why they can’t have their dreams. Almost always, they are met with this primal resistance of fear and this primal resistance of failure, because people don’t want to try something, if they feel like they’re going to fail.

Are there some dreams that you have been resisting because at your primal core nature of wanting to survive, the survival instincts took over and took precedence over your dreams?  

Tune in to find out more.


About Katherine McIntosh

Katherine McIntosh is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author, International Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Dancer, Laugher, Mountain Biker, Down Hill Skier, Hot Yoga Junkie, Adventure Seeker, Mom, Sunshine Hunter, World Traveler, and Born Rebel.

Founder and CEO of The No Judgment Diet, Katherine hopes someday we can live in a world where nobody judges their body.

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